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Welcome to the UPA fantasy football website. We're a group of friends who met online through Pokemon and have since continued to bond through sports. Some of us have known each other since as early as 2015, and our dynasty league was founded in 2020.

  • My name is Ben. I run the site and also make annual highlight videos.
  • Drew is the commissioner and is in charge of setting up the league meeting every January.
  • Derek and I have commissioner powers as well, but that's just as a precaution.
    • For example: suppose a manager were to get bored and propose a trade to one of their leaguemates in which one of them gets an entire roster of players in exchange for pennies. Trades process immediately in our league, so if games were ongoing while an offer like that got accepted (for some reason), it would need to be reversed ASAP. If Drew is unavailable, Derek or I could step in in that situation.
    • That may sound unrealistic and incredibly stupid, but yeah, it actually happened.
  • "The Committee" consists of the three of us as well as Survive.
    • On the very rare occassions when a controversial issue arises (i.e. alleged collusion), the 4 of us discuss and vote on a course of action. In the event of a 2-2 tie, Dork will have the tiebreaking vote.
  • and Scrappy is in charge of kicking our asses every year.

A Brief History of the League
After the redraft league was a hit in 2019, we started up a dynasty league the following year. Of the 12 guys who drafted on that fateful night of August 9, 2020 -- Drew, Rabz, Eshaan, Derek, Dork, Pure, Ben, Brett, Noah, Survive, Scrappy, and Matt (in that order) -- 9 remain in the league today.

  • Pure was replaced by Bronson after the 2020 season.
  • Brett was replaced by Tyler (AKA Retikai) prior to the start of the 2022 season.
  • And as for Noah's franchise...
    • Noah was replaced by Karm after the 2021 season.
    • Karm was replaced by Riches 3 weeks into the 2022 season.
    • Riches was replaced by Jose after the 2022 season.
      • It's not even like the team is atrocious; its ownership keeps shifting for unrelated reasons. Hopefully Jose can finally bring this franchise the stability it needs.

One-sentence write-ups of each franchise's history

  • Scrappy: 39 wins - 16 losses (70.91%)
    • Our 2-time champion's team rides and dies with the Chiefs, but even in a down year in 2023, he was still top 3 in points per game.
  • Survive: 38 wins - 17 losses (69.09%)
    • Survive's roster is loaded beyond comprehension; bro went 13-1 in the 2023 regular season (only to lose in the championship).
  • Drew: 34 wins - 21 losses (61.82%)
    • It only took 4 years, but Drew's stacked team finally didn't choke in the playoffs for once.
  • Dork: 31 wins - 24 losses (56.36%)
    • All things considered, Dork has had a pretty successful franchise thus far, but he might need a year or two to retool.
  • Matt: 29 wins - 26 losses (52.73%)
    • Matt has a solid team with good pieces, but he just seems to be perennially stuck in mediocrity.
  • Eshaan: 27 wins - 28 losses (49.09%)
    • Eshaan took a leap in 2023, and while his team may not be Survive-caliber, it's still a threat.
  • Brett/Tyler: 27 wins - 28 losses (49.09%)
    • Tyler's sitution is a bit dicey, as he has a rebuilding team with minimal draft capital, but he still managed to compete and even make the playoffs last season.
  • Pure/Bronson: 27 wins - 28 losses (49.09%)
    • Players over the age of 25 aren't allowed on Bronson's roster.
  • Rabz: 23 wins - 32 losses (41.82%)
    • The "Rabz" Cycle: 1.) have a great team on paper, 2.) have it implode in the regular season, 3.) get the 1st overall pick, 4.) be optimistic about the future, 5.) rinse and repeat.
  • Ben: 22 wins - 33 losses (40.00%)
    • Haha yeah so my team was goated in 2020, but then everyone fell off a cliff in 2021, and I blew it up prior to the start of 2022, but now things are starting to get back on track again.
  • Noah/Karm/Riches/Jose: 17 wins - 38 losses (30.91%)
    • The degree to which Noah's youth-heavy strategy in the startup draft ended up backfiring is kind of unbelievable, but the team still has plenty of promise, it's just that the rebuild process has been a bit of a slow one.
  • Derek: 16 wins - 39 losses (29.09%)
    • It would require a lot more than just one sentence to describe how hard the universe has screwed over Derek's franchise.

If you want to see every roster at once, check out the UPA Fantasy Football doc.

Disclaimer: I'm still relatively new to coding. This website was built from a template made by Nick Melhado, and I'm basically just learning as I go along. I intend on making a bunch of miscellaneous tweaks in the future.

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